3. Chemin de paysage et athlétique

Bleu = facile
Rouge = moyenne
Noir = stimulant
Places of interest:
the path along the badlands ridge, the Tanaccia cave.

  • Easy, but demanding for its length, and muddy with rain. Short stretch of asphalt.
  • Length 6.5 km
  • Ascent and descent 224 m
  • Time about 1 hour 50 min

percorso 3 neroThe route starts from the car park with the 4 pine trees overlooking the badlands in Via Rontana, about 1.9 km from the railway station. Turn left and descend the tarmac road for 150 m. Turn left onto a vehicle track over grass for about 800 m and where it ends keep right on a level gravel track for another 800 m.
When you reach the tarmac road of Rio Chie’ turn left and follow it for about 1 km until a private road on a curve, again towards the left. Step over the chain that marks the property boundary and go up the track alongside vineyards (300 m), then turn onto a small road on the left and continue climbing between olives to Ca’di Vicchio (600 m). Continue along the badlands ridge path marked CAI n. 505, always keeping right (1400 m). This section is slippery with rain. When you reach a pond on the right continue on the same CAI path until the tarmac road of Via Rontana, and follow this left to the Tanaccia cave car park (600 m). Here enter the forest following the cave signs to a visitor centre (220 m).
Guided visits to the cave are available on agreement with the park director (Ivano Fabbri, T. 0546 80628/339 2407028). At the park building turn left following a panoramic grassy path along the edge of the forest and olive groves for 450 m, until you again meet the tarmac road. Follow the road turning left to reach the car park with the 4 pine trees after 400 m. It is possible to join route 2  to route 3  at the point where the descending path of route 2  meets Via Rontana. Here cross the road to the 4 pine trees car park from where route 3  starts. route 2+3=8.84 km.