Hills , les rivières et la mer: près de Casa Fiore

here is also a tourism less known but very interesting for those who like to mix culture and nature. It can help you feeling the real identity, traditions and heritage  that characterizes the territory.
Brisighella, 6 km far from Casa Fiore, with its medieval town, offers the opportunity for those who love the movement, to know the natural heritage of the badlands and the Park of the Chalk Vein, walking through the Nordic Walking Park trails,  from the centre of the village to Rifugio Ca' Carnè.
Comacchio, 65 km away, with its canals and water architectures, is considered Venice younger sister.
It is surrounded by the beautiful valleys of the Delta Po, that you can discover by foot, by bike or by boat. You may be able to observe herons, flamingos and characteristic frying pan. Exclusive gastronomic specialties are eels and frogs.
Located 45 km from Casa Fiore towards the sea, Porto Corsini, on the left side of the pier of the port of Ravenna, offers a very nice public beach, a huge pine forest where you can walk and clear water to swim.
In hill villages like Palazzuolo sul Senio, 55 km from Casa Fiore, you can still have a taste of the authentic life of the Tuscan-Romagna: silence, lot of green area for walking, good food.
Always in Appennino Tosco Romagnolo, 45 km from Casa Fiore, you can find waterfalls Acqua Cheta, in San Benedetto in Alpe,that represent the perfect spot for an open air trip to appreciate the beauty of the Park of Casentino.
The beads of this park, in the largest forest of firs in Europe, are represented by Camaldoli and La Verna, 120km from Casa Fiore, secular monasteries where you can feel the deep peace and inner search of monks and the nuns who live the spirituality in harmony with the forest around them.